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If you are talking about First match of cricket is played in England only, No issue about dress to wear (1598). Nobody knows who will win the cricket World Cup in (2011), But in the end it was a great match and India have won the cricket match by Sri Lanka Team. India played well in the cricket wold cup 2011. 

The current situation suggests that there is a game that brings some TRP points. However, there is no denying the fact that it is almost impossible to determine the immediate correction that has occurred, which is indicated by recent reports. By the end of the century, he became an organized organizer for high bets, and the first professionals were believed to have emerged in the years following his restoration in 1660. A great cricket match with eleven players and played for high bets in Sussex in 1697 survived The first known sign of cricket match is this importance. In the first specific reference to the sport. (Cricket News in the World)