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Cricket is a very interesting game. The sense of discipline, team spirit, the fellow feeling and the spirit of sportsmanship make it really meaningful. Its very interesting and exciting to witness a (Cricket Match). Last winter I watched a cricket match at (Barabati Stadium) played between the team and the team of Andhra Orissa. Before the game I had to purchase five tickets for my parents, My Brother, Sister and me. The counter for the ticket that was opened for two days before the match remained busy throughout and to ensure the tickets was a very tiring affair. However, with the help of one of my friends and I watched the game on the day. The game started and the two teams met on the ground. There was a large gathering of onlookers who applauded the players during the game.

A good bowling or a clever joke created a good deal of excitement among the Spectators. There were very good cricketers in the team . The game of Orissa Ashok was very interesting. It was a fine hitter in 30 minutes and scored 80 runs after which he was unfortunately out of Damodar and took his place. Although Damodar arrived, he played well and his score was beyond our expectations. In 40 minutes he collected 63 Runs and after that hit two sixes. This time the audience has not been idle. I am almost stood up and applauded him. Before the lunch break has collected two more runs. So, team of Orissa has collected 263 runs for four wickets before the lunch break. Cricket, although limited to the countries of the Commonwealth and England is one of the most popular games in the world of sport. Although the advanced countries like the United States and Russia as a sports loving country like China do not play this game, millions of the people watch cricket matches on television around the world. 
In the next inning the players of Orissa have started bowling and the team beat Andhra. T.V.N. Sri Rao was the first batsman was out before doing any race. The game has had a very boring at the beginning. But soon Sri Venketeswar came to bat. In the first fifteen minutes of his joke, did not make any mark on the game. But the wind was blowing in his favour and he made 94 runs. He had struck five six. Now, viewers have had a enjoyable occasion. They stood up and clapped and applauded him for his joke, which was very interesting. While he was out and was replaced by Chandra Sekharan who made


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