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Mahindra Singh Dhoni was born July 7, 1981, the current national cricket team leader and Indian cricket champion in India. Attack Right Midfielder is also a wicket gate keeper. Cricket or more - widely, I have considered one of the greatest financiers in limited. For Bangladesh, one year later, it was the first test to be played for the first time on the International Day for the first time in December 2004, against Sri Lanka. Dhoni, captain of India in the form of all three of the game. ODI's record and test is the highest among the Indian Commander for all yet. He took command of ODI commander of Rahul Dravid in 2007, led the Indian team to win the ODI series between the two countries for the first time in Sri Lanka, New Zealand. Cricket World Cup 2013 08/2010 Asian Cup, and the 2011 Cricket World Cup under his leadership, I won the 2007 CAB India Championship, and twenty-two 2007 ICC World. In the 2011 World Cup, Mahindra Singh Donnie won only 79 games in 91, not India, to win because he was named Man of the Match. The Moth Valence Sekar trophy in 2008, in 2013 and 2010 - after taking the test leader in 2008, led the New Zealand WINS team, in the West Indies, the team Dhoni to the border. In 2009, Donny also led the team in India to give first place for the first time in the ICC Cricket Rating for the ICC. In 2013, under his leadership, in a series of tests, India became the first team for more than 40 years to clear Australia. In June 2013, Mahendra Singh Donnie, India became the first captain to win the World Cup when they beat England in the Champions League final in England. He was also the captain of the Super Kings Chennai in the 2011 win and the 2010 Indian Premier League season in the 20th Champions League in 2010. In addition, the head of India Cement Company - Donnie holds the position of deputy. After his resignation from Air India. Cement India is the owner of IPL Chennai Super Kings, the first edition since IPL Dhoni was the captain. Duni Madani, fourth highest in Padma Shri, India ODI Best Player of the Year for 2009 and 2008, the first player to win twice, and the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for 2007. He won numerous awards, including honors, in 2009. He was selected as Team Leader ICC World ODI XI and ICC World XI test for 2009. Dhoni is one of the wicket guard that comes through the ranks of cricket teams in India and junior to represent the national team. I followed this route also Dinesh Karthik Bartif Patel, Dinesh from. Tend to play mostly from the back foot in the hand grip of the undersized underside. He has a very high bat speed through the ball becoming the ball on the ground in the whole race very often. While the pitch does not come from some hand-catching internal edge and sometimes the ball, chasing the ball and feet does not show many moves that result from this initial position.


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