(Live Cricket Matches Scorecard)

While Dhoni of class of 2015 did not have it to them in order to defend the title, they Australia was not able to jump on top of the cricket high hurdle that broke the India in the World Cup. They is not had all conquest match. India loses the eighth that won the straight first seven games, went home. Now, the world is waiting for the true champion, the streak team, will contain all the important last three games. On the 400 pitch, India did well to restrict Australia to 37 42nd 328 between over to, Australia lost three wickets, won just 17 runs. Tobacco, flick of Ashwin of Ravichandran of the ball, had a dangerous Glenn Maxwell. Then Umesh Yadav is going to the door ball Aaron Finch and Michael Clarke Mohit Sharma is too short. Short ball and spin, India's strengths in the tournament, so far, had come to their aid again. Not three colors, for too long, and shook his hand again. Mitchell Johnson, No. 9 hitter and first-change pacer in Australia in both batting and bowling, showed it had a greater depth. At the end of the narration, he has a 27 from 9 ball, his second spell in Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, accounting if India had to go to the past of the 328 it was at that moment hit the highest two men likely to score, and the meme, millions, the radio features WhatsApp jokes thousands 2 hitter. What Epic could have been used to be currently reduced to a joke. Indian cricket players, but did not play in his own image, whimsical fans lived in their reputation. When you defeat, the Indian team has forgotten the joy brought to months or more fans. However, Dhoni, he did not recall the time of collective low of all the high team of his team. In front of the "World Cup, test match did not go our way, Tri - Series , do not go our way. But here I learned from the spinner is past experience of all of them, is done Taka, fast bowler how overwhelmed through this tournament, feel and everyone rose to opportunity, he said  Disappointed we were not able to go to the finals, can have only one team win, and I felt that they played a good cricket than the day. He started  Pakistan vs England, India vs Australia the other packed. last Sydney semi-finals in the tournament now ending in New Zealand versus Australia. expected at MCG, disappointment Indian fans were seen passing on the ticket of the last day in the Australian. Deals No negotiations and was struck in the disposable rate. Great Indian dream of seeing the defense of the World Cup was going at bargain price. whole India on India's defeat in Australia hand at cricket World. There was one person that celebrate it. He is nothing but Bollywood film director Ram Gopal Verma. Deployment film director of controversy, after 20 minutes the team India has lost the game, the murmur of hatred one after another. With spree tweet, RGV, he hated cricket, he men in blue have said it really happy that it has lost out to the Australian. First tight last over finish like the last ball of the victory in the second in South Africa over New Zealand in the semi-finals in Wellington is a brutal blow to reduce men to tears. Big loss boring one-sided contest, 95 operating loss of India in the second semi-final against Australia at the SCG, is less painful despite many humiliation.


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