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Cricket World Cup 2015 is the 11th Cricket World Cup, organized by Australia and New Zealand from February 14 to March 29, 2015. 14 teams will play 49 matches in 14 places, with Australia 26 matches in the Adelaide fields, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Perth and Sydney, while New Zealand has 23 games in Dunedin, Hamilton, Napier, Nelson and Wellington. The 2011 tournament was awarded to four of the cricket test countries in Asia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, in a 10-3 vote (Pakistan later lost the rights to co-sponsor the outcome of a terrorist attack against Sri Lanka team). The International Cricket Council was suitably impressed by the Transman offer, and the next World Cup was decided in Australia and New Zealand. It was the second time the tournament was held in Australia and New Zealand, with the first Cricket World Cup in 1992. Sachin Tendulkar was named Ambassador of the 2015 Cricket World Cup by the International Criminal Court for the second time, after the 2011 Cricket World Cup where he was ambassador. India is the champion, having won the championship in 2011, when it was held in the Indian subcontinent, and Sri Lanka has been defeated in the last six wikis. Tickets that match the B Pool between India and Pakistan, played on February 15, 2015, have been sold within 12 minutes of the sale. The International Criminal Court has announced the celebration of the World Cup before, the competition in 2011, on April 30, 2006. Australia and New Zealand also requested the tournament, and the successful candidacy for the World Cup 2011 will be divided at 50 -fifty. In matches, with the final still to be negotiated. Trans-Tasman, Beyond the Border, was the only program for 2011 that was held at the ICC headquarters in Dubai before the March 1 deadline. The significant advantages of the offer include the local level and infrastructure, the full support of the Australian and New Zealand governments in taxes and customs during the tournament, according to Australian Cricket CEO James Sutherland. The New Zealand government also ensured that the Zimbabwean team was allowed to participate in the tournament after political discussions about preventing their team from visiting Zimbabwe in 2005. The president of the International Criminal Court, Ihsan Mani, said that the additional time required by Asia to block its offer had affected four countries. However, when the time came, Asians won seven votes against four. According to the Cricket Council of Pakistan, the Cricket Council of the West Indies voted to change the matter. "The Asian countries have promised to organize activities to raise funds for Indian cricket in the 2007 Cricket World Cup, which may have affected the vote," Pakistani daily Dawn reported, adding that Bindra, chairman of the Asian Nominating Committee, he promised them an additional $ 400 million. Of swing, he votes in his own way. The IPC was impressed by the effectiveness of the Trans-Tasman offer for the next World Cup, which will be held in 2015.


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