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Skipper of New Zealand reached out to the billion Indian fans for support of the World Cup finals earlier in black cap 2015 ICC Cricket against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In all cricket fans in India, addressed to heartwarming letter, McCallum, he already, already seeing a wave of support from the Indian fan, through all of the ball within the final, would like to request assistance said. Following India's defeat to Australia in the Second Semi - Final, many over whelming Indian fan, Trans are expected to be affected by the New Zealand Tasman contest, something McCallum was quick to take advantage. In front of the big end in his last press conference, Kiwi Captain said that he is in Melbourne, had the confidence of receiving enough support from cricket fans around the world. We count might have actually advantage of tomorrow home team, he said. I think it is probably, most of the other teams around the world, perhaps that you want to New Zealand to win in Australia is a well known fact, and. So, hopefully, we are confident that you will get a good smattering of tomorrow of support, and I Indian man is certainly cheering for us. New Zealand is aiming to win for the first time most coveted competition of cricket. If Australia were to come out on top tomorrow, it is already 1987, 1999, will be the 2003 & their fifth World Cup title won the tournament in 2007. Compared to New Zealand, play may have a few more matches winner on their side, Australia is saying and win &  New Zealand so far in Australia Since then have not, why they say,. One of the best grounds in the world, MCG would have host the big final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 on Sunday, the second transformer  Tasman team  Australia, New Zealand - but will fight each other longing In order to win the Trophy. New Zealand Chase in the semifinals, the talk was an incredible and a volume of about character, they are their own way of get to work - is a worthy effort to chase the narration at 299 43 to win the World Cup Semi Finals. They by acquiring them for 150, go beyond the Australia in the earlier of their group games, was despite house is down 9 wickets. It was a great cricket match. Australia may have a few more matches winner on their side - desperately some run there is a need to get David Warner of the likes, the Finch India, against Glenn Maxwell and Shane Watson very well play human - These can be who take the game away from kiwi are the four power hitter of Australia. In New Zealand, Corey Anderson is batter that he can clear any ground in the world.  It is the effort Clark of games of the last day in order to extend the career of his test, and I think it is his body, but the right decision to not holding up the rigors of constant international cricket. My question remains,  I New Zealand to know that it is a good team that has been backed by the Australia 90,000 win this game ? Or if I had won Australia, I will be able to tell that you will be happy, I will be happy if New Zealand.


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