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The first specific reference to cricket in England, therefore there is no evidence of a lawsuit (1598) stating that "cricket" played on a common ground in Guildford, Surrey, around (1550). Life in cricket these days has had to face a lot of unrest, but these nights with the highlight of the twin cricket faces, one can feel that such a natural similarity is not pure - the ball can be resolved in some way. When India was part of the World Cup in ODI (2011), it was said that they were favorites to win the title. But we must realize that there is something along the trophy for every Indian witness game, a game that brought viewers from all angles. The current scenario suggests that there is a game that brings (TRP points). Magic and a small field of drama unfolded in the game was a magnet. But it is stupid to think of any admirer that the game (T20) will not continue to determine the winner. It was thought that the shape contains the latest form in capturing moments. However, there is no denying the fact that it is almost impossible to determine the immediate correction that has occurred, which is indicated by recent reports. During the 17th century, many references point to the growth of cricket in the south east of England. By the end of the century, he became an organized organizer for high bets, and the first professionals were believed to have emerged in the years following his restoration in 1660. A great cricket match with eleven players and played for high bets in Sussex in 1697 survived The first known sign of cricket match is this importance. A number of other words have been suggested as sources of the term "cricket". In the first specific reference to the sport in (1598), called cricket. In the light of the strong medieval trade links between the south east of England and Flanders when the latter belongs to the Duchy of Burgundy, the name can be derived from Dutch Creek, Crook, Old English Creek or Holy See. I mean crutches or employees. In ancient French, cricket seems to have led to a kind of club or stick. In Samuel Johnson's dictionary, the cricket, "cryce, Saxon, stick" is another possible source of krick stoel, meaning there is a long low chair used for bowing in the church, which resembles a long low gate with two pieces used in early cricket over time , Locker became a respectable and reliable commentator on his own, but his first three books were a ghost written by Muller. The first, "More Mina", published in 1960, would have caused a sensation, but books, in general, are no more pleasing than the similar books that appear today. Cricket has a close relationship between many players and competes at the top level of Australian football. In 1858, Australian cricketer Tom Willis called for legal clubs to keep the cricket fit in the off-season. (Cricket News in the World)


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