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Fastest 100 in ODI

In cricket, the horn is about 100 points or more in one round by a batsman. The century is a sign of the man of the racket, and the number of players in centuries is generally recorded in his professional statistics. The registration of a century is equally equal in merit to the bowler taking five slots in the roles and is usually referred to as a ton or hundreds.

Scores of more than 200 rings are still statistically counted as horns, although these are referred to as double (200 to 2002), trios (300–399 cycles), quarter centuries (400 499), and so on. Sehawag’s record has been strong since 2009 when Delhi was famous. His way to the 60-ton ball against New Zealand at Hamilton.

Accordingly, access to 50 trips is known in one of the roles by half a century; if the man of the racquet then records a century, the halfcentury has succeeded in the statistics of the century. 

Fastest 100 in ODI
Fastest 100 in ODI

Chris Gayle holds the record for the top 100 in cricket history when he smashed 100 balls in just 30 balls and scored 175* balls off 66 balls in general in 20 IPL balls against Pune Warriors India in 2013.

The Villiers de Villiers came in only 31 balls against the West Indies at Second ODI in Johannesburg.

Top 9 list of Fastest 100 in ODI  -

1) Ab de Villiers (South Africa) — 31 balls against the West Indies in Johannesburg on 18 January 2015.

2) Currie Anderson (New Zealand) — 36 ball against the West Indies in Queenstown on 1 January 2014.

3) Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) — 37 ball against Sri Lanka in Nairobi on 4 October 1996.

4) Mark Boucher (South Africa) — 44 balls against Zimbabwe in Buchestrom on 20 September 2006.

5) Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) — 45 balls against India in Kanpur on 15 April 2005.

6) Jesse Rider (New Zealand) — 46 balls against the West Indies in Queenstown on 1 January 2014.

7) Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka) — 48 ball against Pakistan in Singapore on 2 April 1996.

8) Kevin 'O' Brien (Ireland) — 50 ball against England in Bangalore on 2 March 2011.

9) Virat Kohli (India) — 52 ball against Australia in Jaipur on 16 October 2013.

Live Cricket Matches Scorecard

George Bailey plays for the Australian team and we can also say he is a former ODI captain. He was born on September 7, 1982 in Lonsistan. He represents the cricket team in Tasmania, as well as the Punjab XI kings to play the 20 cricket plays, as it takes Punjab XI kings in 2014 IPL final. After Dave Gregory in his first test match, without playing an international game before, he became the second international player in the game, the past of Australia, Billy after playing the Little Cricket at the South Launceston Club of Cricket, making three centuries in a game, A second-tier team extended academic invitations to win the second round. He scored 155 partnerships and Kate fourth with Travis Burt. He played all the matches with England, and some of them changed or not.

He played Little Cricket at the South Launceston Club, which reached a one-day player at the age of nineteen. Its second texture was largely inadequate. He has made a lot of effort to prove himself a good player. Especially when it was out. The Australian team entered when he was 19 years old. He could not play the game to captain. The test team entered after the implementation of the day. The old school did not like cricket. It does not require any kind of inclusion whether the cricket player is good or bad, but in any case, it has been listed by some without hesitation. The highest score in the shortest Billy forms was 60, but it was the first half of the twentieth century in the previous three seasons, Matthew Wade makes 72 open goals in the second round of the series, where he won his first match. He also lost to Australia where he scored 50 points, but still contributes to 32 games, ranked sixth because of the fact. Come to the bat in the fifth place, a good player at the same time, if we are talking about cricket test news.

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Cricket World Cup 2015 is the 11th Cricket World Cup, organized by Australia and New Zealand from February 14 to March 29, 2015. 14 teams will play 49 matches in 14 places, with Australia 26 matches in the Adelaide fields, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Perth and Sydney, while New Zealand has 23 games in Dunedin, Hamilton, Napier, Nelson and Wellington. The 2011 tournament was awarded to four of the cricket test countries in Asia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, in a 10-3 vote (Pakistan later lost the rights to co-sponsor the outcome of a terrorist attack against Sri Lanka team). The International Cricket Council was suitably impressed by the Transman offer, and the next World Cup was decided in Australia and New Zealand. It was the second time the tournament was held in Australia and New Zealand, with the first Cricket World Cup in 1992. Sachin Tendulkar was named Ambassador of the 2015 Cricket World Cup by the International Criminal Court for the second time, after the 2011 Cricket World Cup where he was ambassador. India is the champion, having won the championship in 2011, when it was held in the Indian subcontinent, and Sri Lanka has been defeated in the last six wikis. Tickets that match the B Pool between India and Pakistan, played on February 15, 2015, have been sold within 12 minutes of the sale. The International Criminal Court has announced the celebration of the World Cup before, the competition in 2011, on April 30, 2006. Australia and New Zealand also requested the tournament, and the successful candidacy for the World Cup 2011 will be divided at 50 -fifty. In matches, with the final still to be negotiated. Trans-Tasman, Beyond the Border, was the only program for 2011 that was held at the ICC headquarters in Dubai before the March 1 deadline. The significant advantages of the offer include the local level and infrastructure, the full support of the Australian and New Zealand governments in taxes and customs during the tournament, according to Australian Cricket CEO James Sutherland. The New Zealand government also ensured that the Zimbabwean team was allowed to participate in the tournament after political discussions about preventing their team from visiting Zimbabwe in 2005. The president of the International Criminal Court, Ihsan Mani, said that the additional time required by Asia to block its offer had affected four countries. However, when the time came, Asians won seven votes against four. According to the Cricket Council of Pakistan, the Cricket Council of the West Indies voted to change the matter. "The Asian countries have promised to organize activities to raise funds for Indian cricket in the 2007 Cricket World Cup, which may have affected the vote," Pakistani daily Dawn reported, adding that Bindra, chairman of the Asian Nominating Committee, he promised them an additional $ 400 million. Of swing, he votes in his own way. The IPC was impressed by the effectiveness of the Trans-Tasman offer for the next World Cup, which will be held in 2015.

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The New Zealand captain has reached one billion Indian fans to support the World Cup earlier in the BlackCC ICC Cricket Championship against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In all the cricket fans in India, oriented to the letter of enthusiasm, MacAlum, already, already sees a wave of support from the Indian cheerleader, through every ball in the final, I would ask for help said. After India's defeat against Australia in the second semi-finals, many Indian fans are expected to be affected by the competition in the Tasmania New Zealand competition, which MacKallum reported quickly. In front of the big end at his recent press conference, Captain Kiwi said that in Melbourne, he had confidence in receiving enough support from cricket fans around the world. He might actually be an advantage to the host team tomorrow. I think it is likely that most of the other teams around the world, you probably want to win New Zealand in Australia is a well-known fact, and. So, hope you have a good idea to support tomorrow, I am definitely a happy Indian man for us. New Zealand aims for the first time with the desired competition of cricket. If Australia comes out of the summit tomorrow, it will be in 1987, 1999, and will be in 2003 and win the fifth World Cup in 2007. Compared with New Zealand, the matches may have few games to win, Australia says. And wins and New Zealand so far Australia has not done so, why they say,. One of the best stadiums in the world, MCG could host the grand final of the 2015 Cricket World Cup in ACC on Sunday, the second team of Tasman Transformers in Australia and New Zealand, but they will fight each other for the trophy. New Zealand Chase in the semi-finals, the modern and unbelievable size about personality, was their own way to get to work - is an effort worth chasing the narrative at 299 43 to win the semi-finals. They were through to get them for 150, outside Australia in the past of their collective game, although home down 9 wick. It was a great cricket match. 
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 Australia may have some winning games on its side - there is an urgent need to get David Warner like Finch India against Glen Maxwell and Shane Watson well - those who take the game from Kiwi can be wrestling four power in Australia. In New Zealand, Curie Anderson stumbled upon something in the world. It is Clark's effort on the last day to extend the test career, I think it is his body, but the right decision not to fall into the latest cricket latest test cricket news. The question remains, I New Zealand to know that a good team of Australia has been supported 90,000 win this game? Or if you win Australia, I can tell you that you will be happy, and I would be happy if New Zealand.

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Although Donnie did not have the title in 2015, Australia could not jump over the cricket match that broke India in the World Cup. They did not have all the opening games. India lost eighth, which won the first seven games directly and went home. Now, the world is waiting for the real hero, the fighting team, to take the three important games. At 400 degrees, India did well to tie Australia to 37 428 32, Australia lost three windows, won only 17 times. Tobacco, Ash Ashun from Ravishandran's ball, Glen Maxwell was dangerous. Then Omish Yadav goes to the ball by Aaron Vinci's door and Michael Clark Mohet Sharma is too short. It has come a short time for the ball, India's strength in the championship, so far, to help them again. Not three colors, for a long time, waving his hand again. Mitchell Johnson, the No. 9 official and Australia's first in batting and bowling, showed he had a greater depth. At the end of the novel, he has 27 out of 9 balls, the second logo in Kohli Verhat and Rohit Sharma, which is whether India has moved to the past 328, at that time reached the top of the two men who will probably record, M, millions, radio posts WhatsApp Jokes Thousands of bumbers 2. What the saga can be used to shrink is currently a joke. 
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Indian cricket, but they did not play with their own image, they lived whimsical lovers in their reputation. When defeated, the Indian team forgot the joy that brought months or more of the fans. However, Donnie, did not remember the collective time of the entire team. “But here I learned from the thread of experience before all of them, Taka, Ramo Express is how to overwhelm through this tournament, feeling that everyone took the opportunity, said disappointed, hope we can not go to the World Cup. From the cricket match on the day Pakistan played against England and India Australia’s match against Australia in the semifinals in Sydney, which now ended in New Zealand against Australia, MCG is expected, fans were disappointed India’s dream of watching the World Cup defense was the same price, India is all India’s defeat in Australia in the game K There was one person to celebrate, the only film director from Bollywood director Ram Gopal Verma controversial film director, 20 minutes after the Indian team lost the game, hated hate one by one, with a rant, RGV, he hated cricket, men said he Very happy that he lost to the Australian.As the second South Africa win over New Zealand in the semi-finals of Wellington is a powerful blow to reduce men in grief.In spite of the big insult, the unilateral competition for large losses, 95 operating losses in India The semi-final against Australia in SCG, less Ilama. Live Cricket Matches Scorecard.